Are you curious to know how to get followers on Instagram? We all know social media is growing at an unstoppable pace. Every year the popularity has been increasing by leaps and bounds as more and more people join social networks.  We become part of the social platforms, and each of us may have a different purpose of joining yet with one common mote – we all want to be noticed. Ever since Facebook has bought Instagram, it continues to grow, and the chances are enormous that it may break all the records of Facebook and be the number one social network in years to come. If you are looking to find ways to increase followers without shelling out big bucks, you are landed in getting the right place. Let’s get started.

Define the target audience

Defining the audience is the most critical step in an effective Instagram strategy. You must put earnest heed in this step and know who your audience is? Where they live and when and how they use Instagram. Answering these questions will help you reach the right audience. 

Visually stunning Instagram aesthetics and Bio

Creating a consistent brand story of how your employee humanizes the brand and show off how the product is made or sometimes showing the lifestyle or achievement of customers will go a long way in engaging the target audience. It also builds authenticity and legitimacy. Visually stunning Instagram aesthetics that reflect your brand’s value is essential. Make sure to write a precise yet catchy bio, put the link to your official website. These are the fundamental steps to drive more followers on Instagram.

Promote the Instagram handle among existing customers

Need more followers, ensure to make the process easier for people to find you – meaning easily discoverable profile is a must. If you have built a good following on a network, let the audience know about the Instagram profile. Moreover, add links of your Instagram profile in an email signature, newsletter, and to the main website, so people who already know about your brand can conveniently find you out.

Use relevant and branded Hashtags

Hashtags play an integral role in making your posts more discoverable among the target audience. However, there are do’s and don’t’s you must consider checking before adding any keyword/hashtags to your post.

  • Create branded hashtags and encourage your audience to use the same branded hashtags on their posts.
  • Don’t use the same hashtags on every post. Using too many hashtags in a single post can make it look spammy and worse.
  • Never use hashtag gimmicks; it does give a temporary boost to a profile yet look an unethical and unprofessional way of getting followers.

Consider tagging the location

Tagging your location is another easy way of bringing ease for the potential customers in finding you online. If the business has a physical location, it is worth adding a location tag and encourages customers to do the same. Users can conveniently click on your location to find more of your stories and posts.

Get on the explore page

Getting on the explore tab is the best way to increase the customer base organically. It is a place where a user finds photos and videos he has not been following. The content of the explore page varies a lot; the content that shows on your explore page is different from your best friend’s or Mom’s explore page.

Follow other relevant users:

It is an easy and free tactic to grow Instagram followers. Simply follow the official account you feel can be interested in your product or service. Once he gets your following notification, he may consider checking your feed, and if you’ve been regularly posting the compelling and quality content, the user is more likely to return you a favor and follow back you.

Keep content consistent

The worse thing you can do with your Instagram strategy is when you don’t spare time out to post consistently. In order to combat any inconvenience, it is mandatory for the businesses to post regularly as it helps your audience to stay connected with you. Further, you must find out the best time to post. The best time is when your maximum followers are active, the active followers will bring more engagement, and hence Instagram may consider your profile more authentic and can appear your post, IGTV, or story on the explore page.

Get other people to post your content

The more your follower’s count grows, the higher are the chances that you will be put in front of the target audience. It is best to share user-generated content, or Instagram contest is also a worth considering idea that can get the brand out in the broader audience.