Have you made an engaging and attention-grabbing video for your business and ain’t aware how long can Instagram videos be for the posts, stories, live stream and IGTV videos ; then we’d acquaint you about the exact length Instagram allows; if it somehow duration of the video extends from that length Instagram takes the wheel and cut it off automatically. Let’s dive in to know the precise length of video content you can use in a various forms.

How long can IGTV videos be

IGTV videos are often known as long-form videos because their duration is more from the videos in regular posts. However, for users who has not verified an account or enough following can extend the length of an IGTV from 15 seconds to ten minutes. On the contrary, an account with the huge following and verified badge can make the video up to 60 minutes in length.

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How long can Instagram live video be

A user is limited to sixty minutes or one hour per live stream. However, when you hit the set duration, you can start the live streaming again. Just keep a close eye on the length; so that you can go live once the previous session ends.

Instagram videos in stories

Instagram stories are the best for a brand if used strategically. Stories are great to share smaller clips of the day that expire after 24 hours. Stories are the content that are less important to you, and you don’t want it to be displayed permanently in your feed. The length of story videos can be fifteen seconds. The longer video (  more than 15 seconds in length ) can conveniently be segmented, and all can be uploaded once.

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How long can Instagram regular post videos be

If you want to show up a video on Instagram account feed, i.e., showing up permanently like a regular photo on your Instagram profile, you should make sure the video you upload is less or a minimum 60 seconds long. However, you can post a video that is more than a minute long and link that video back to the IGTV and can even choose the favorite part of the video to show in your feeds.