Before social media tbh was the acronym or short form of “To be honest”. However, the acronym has taken on another meaning when teens first used it. A teen’s profile ( girl) was investigated, and she said, “I use tbh to say something nice about friends. People get “likes” when they adopt a strategy of saying, “Like all my pictures for a tbh”.

To unfold the mystery of what does tbh mean on Instagram’ we’ve consulted some of the savvy Instagrammers so that they can tell us what tbh stands for and why do people use this term.

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Online slang

Tbh is an online slang like many other slangs DBEYR – “Don’t Believe Everything You Read”, BTW – “By the Way”, BRB – “Be Right Back” and more. Online slangs are essential to learning as they build a great connection with existing and many potential clients. Acronyms are not new to Instagram, they play a considerable part and learning them is not difficult at all.

tbh is used to make a connection

Tbh is more like an Instagram currency. You can share something by posting “ like the photo for a tbh”. And once they get follow, like or comment, the other person will go and give a tbh on user’s DM or last photo. You trade for a like, comment on any of your photos. It is an excellent way to make a connection with people when they are bored or want to reach out to their crush.

Why do teens use tbh?

As discussed earlier, there are myriad reasons why people especially teens use this. They want to get a confidence boost or are more inclined to connect a particular person. Teens use tbh to communicate with people whom they generally don’t talk to. They can be friends of friend or someone who they have not met in person.

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Some teens say that it is a way of expressing their feeling for someone; they more likely to use it when they want to get closer and talk to them. But the concept has taken differently as a 15-year-old girl said:

“If someone likes who I don’t have anything nice to say to, I just don’t give them a tbh.” 

Tbh can still be used as “To Be Honest”

 People still use “tbh” to say “ To be honest” for example

Person A: I use dell, and I believe they are the best in manufacturing the most reliable laptops.

Person B: tbh I feel they are nothing when compared to Macbook.